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Summer School

Course Description

Intensive Course of the Russian Language was developed by specialists of the Omsk Humanitarian Academy.
Summer course consists of the following parts:
3 August: arrival day.
August 4: introductory course, test to determine the level of the Russian language.
August 5 - 22: intensive course of Russian as a foreign language (22 hours per week), cultural activities and excursions.
21 August: the final test in Russian.
August 22: the presentation of certificates, official closing, farewell evening .
August 23: the day of departure.
In accordance with the level of knowledge of the Russian language students are divided into groups of primary, secondary, advanced level


Elementary course is designed for students without prior knowledge or minimum knowledge of the Russian language. The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the basics of Russian Phonetics and Grammar and development of elementary knowledge in the four basic language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening. Additional emphasis will be placed on the development of verbal and non-verbal communication skills necessary for successful intercultural communication. Students will also learn the basics of speech, idioms used in everyday life.
After completing the course the student will be able to understand and use common phrases and expressions which are necessary for solution of the definite communicative task; imagine to enter someone, ask and answer questions about place of residence, friends, investigations; - participate in simple conversations.

The Average Level Of

The average course is designed for students with preliminary level подготовки.В this course the students study the basic grammatical and syntactical structures of the Russian language and become active vocabulary. Successful completion of the course allows us to communicate in everyday, social, cultural, educational and professional communication.

Advanced level

The Advanced course is developed for students who have prior training in Russian and are able to satisfy the requirements of communication with Russian people. The objectives of the course are to study complicated grammar material, to develop vocabulary through analysis of texts on various topics including journalistic articles. On completion of this course a student is able to understand main ideas of reports; to easily communicate in various situations arising in the foreign country; to make a monologue describing his/her impressions, plans and events; to speak fluently and spontaneously.
During class work and extracurricular, Summer School participants will be able to get familiar with peculiarities of the region, historical background of land invasion.

The programme consists of:
- Practical Russian Language Course – 66 academic hours;
- Excursion - 42 academic hours.

Subjects of the Practical Russian Language Course include both the common topics and the themes reflecting the regional peculiarities.

According to the programme the following excursions are planned:
- excursion to the natural park «Ptichya Gavan»;
- boat trip on the Irtysh River, including a visit to «Achair» Nunnery.

Cultural Programme:
- excursions;
- historical Omsk (the Omsk Fortress, Admiral Kolchak's residence, the Omsk State Museum of History and Regional Studies, the Living History Museum, the Omsk Battle Glory Museum);
- cultural Omsk (the Omsk State Dostoevsky Literature Museum, the Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts, municipal annual exhibition "Flora", The City Day Celebration).